Computer glasses that can help you take control of your day

We can help you sleep better, feel energised and focus on what matters.

Quality Lenses

Our lens suppliers are all CE report certified. Meaning they comply with EU safety, health and environmental compliances.

They also have the TUV report demonstrating commitment to quality and safety and sustainability.

The Digital Wellness Co.

We understand the effects that our digital lives have on our mental and physical health. Lack of sleep, loss of focus and headaches are just some of the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Feel more focused and ready take on the long days and nights with our blue light blocking glasses.


Getting a good nights sleep can lower the risk of stroke, improve concentration and make you more productive.

Our blue light blocking glasses are perfect to use in the evening when your eyes need a break. Tackle your days feeling refreshed, alert and beat that foggy feeling.

We plant a tree with every product sold.

Check out our partners over at One Tree planted.


Test Your Own Frames!

Unlike other brands. Our glasses come with all of the accessories included. A glasses case, bag, lense wipe and a blue light blocking test kit!